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Mobile Forex Trading

Author: Yulya (ykost77)
Category: Trading: Forex
Date Added: August 12, 2011 09:16:42 AM
Page Views: 1282

This article is devoted to a new trend in trading: trading straight from your cell phone.


Everybody knows traders are normal people who can't spend their time at the computer non-stop. They sometimes inevitably need to leave their trading terminal. On the other hand, the world of currency markets is unpredictable, and who knows – maybe right as you leave the market presents a favourable situation that would allow you to make a great profit if you could make a decision on the spot.


There is a way out. Now you can trade using your own cell phone! This is possible thanks to a mobile version of the trading terminal, which may be installed on any PDA or smartphone. If you have such a device, you will be able to monitor your trading account, follow your trading area at anytime and anywhere: out with friends, in a traffic jam, resting in the countryside or wherever else you like.


The latest version of the mobile terminal gives you:


  • The state of all trading orders

  • Most analysis tools

  • All available graph periods

  • A number of trading signals

  • Financial news online


A considerable advantage of both mobile and desktop terminals is their complete compatibility. For instance, you open an account (real or demo) on you PDA and can then use it from a desktop computer, and vice versa. All you need to begin mobile trading is to open an account and specify the data in the PDA or smartphone terminal.


Be careful: to work with a mobile terminal, you need a PDA with MS Windows for Pocket PC2002 or newer, or a smartphone with MS Windows Mobile for Smartphones 2003 SE or newer.


New technologies continue to penetrate our lives. A large number of advanced traders who have tested mobile trading technologies for themselves are convinced that mobile trading will take a leading role in the nearest future. Mobile transactions are convenient, try it out for yourself! Don't miss the opportunity!


Nearly every user is interested in gaining profit in the Internet. Forex market possibilities are considered to be the most real and highly profitable but there are different facts concerning amounts of money earned. Some people say that one can earn 5-10% of the sum invested; others say that you can double your initial account easily. There are also people who say that you can only bear losses on Forex. We can declare with all the responsibility that one can gain any profit on Forex and the sum of money is only dependent on trader's skills, dedication and Fortune.


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