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Physician Palliative Care

Author: Gladwin Gill
Category: Financial Planning: Health & Welfare Plans
Date Added: March 10, 2012 01:36:57 PM
Page Views: 2202

By Gladwin Gill Hospice care is a very complex industry. First and foremost we should recognize that it is probably one of the most delicate and sensitive business’s in nature. Perhaps even openly referring to it as a business is not very good practice. However for the nature of this article we shall be looking at it from a business perspective and referring to the inspirational Physician Palliative Care ( organization owned by Gladwin Gill (

There is absolutely no shame in creating a Hospice care business. With great people like Gladwin Gill, without them we would perhaps have a low level of care and ignorance towards the dying and suffering within our own families and communities. I believe this field is not for the faint hearted though, it is for those who have a massive respect for life and recognize that in all its stages including death we all deserve hope, dignity and care. Gladwin Gill reflects this both inside and outside of his Hospice organization, as a man who is involved in numerous charities and is the founding member of the Shaolin foundation, an organization that works in researching solutions to give people hope and dignity during their last days. A strong character is very important in this line of work as you have many patients to care for but will also be overwhelmed with many questions from distressed and grieving families and friends of those in your care. Your staff will need to be very well trained to deliver the best level of help.

Gladwin Gill believes this should certainly include the best knowledge in providing the most suitable forms of pain relief to help those who are leaving this life. Your carers and nurses will also have to hold great understanding of what they are going to be dealing with as this kind of work can be emotionally draining for all those involved, so a strong team that supports each other is a must and of course Gladwin Gill ensures that this is the case within his hospice organization. The key to all this though is to remind yourself that not one of us is immortal. We will not all die naturally or instantly, so those who leave us slowly overtime due to a terminal illness need help, they need counseling; they need to know they are not alone.

Gladwin Gill is a strong believer that what you will be providing these people with is hope, dignity and a chance to say goodbye to their friends and family. This in its self is an amazing thing to give to people in a very unfortunate situation. It’s hard to say that it helps people because when losing a loved one you feel nothing can help. But it does give everyone involved the feeling that they really did give and do their best to make somebody as comfortable as possible in their final hours.